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ISA - The Institute Of Storytelling For Actors

Embark on the Journey to Extraordinary Storytelling with Acting Coach Isabel Lehoux.

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Hi Storyteller,

I'm Isabel, ISA's founder and acting coach.

I'm genuinely thrilled to welcome you to ISA. You either heard of me through someone you trust or came across one of my videos, quotes, or articles online. Whatever path you took, I'm delighted you're here.

I've spent the last two decades as an acting coach, a seasoned professional actor, a director and a script consultant. However, my passion for storytelling has been a constant presence since childhood. Chances are, you share this deep connection to acting and stories, a calling that has always resonated within your heart.

I've had the honour of coaching actors from diverse corners of the world, each with their unique training, cultural backgrounds, and dreams, and I'm wholeheartedly dedicated to assisting you in discovering your unique path toward becoming an extraordinary actor.

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Inside the Role:

The Actor's Foundation Program

In Montreal * October 2023


NO MORE guessing HOW to find the character and WAITING for divine inspiration to show up. 

CREATE your direct line to YOUR source of inspiration and become the extraordinary actor every director dreams of.

Whether you're an aspiring or professional actor with a few years of experience, this program will challenge you to reach your acting potential.  Master your instrument: Mind, Body & Heart to become the extraordinary actor you're meant to be.


Seeking approval from casting directors, directors and scene partners, wishing you could guess what they’re looking for?

Register ☝️ And you’ll go from feeling insecure and trying to guess what the casting director, director, or scene partner wants to instead connecting to your character so deeply that you reveal who the character really is. This shift will transform you into an invaluable creative collaborator in any production. 

Struggle to fully prepare for a role or find the heart of the character? 

No longer struggle to prepare, feel confident exploring out of your comfort zone, diving deep into the heart of the story and authentically bringing forth the character’s life through your instrument.

Constantly over-analyze the script and the character, not finding the answers and often disregarding your instinct and intuition?

Connect you with your intuitive process from the very first step - reading the script - allowing you to trust your instincts instead of over-analyzing the story. 🙌

How to Audition Series 

Your 5-Video Method to Booking Roles


Will You Be The Next Success Story?

I have studied with Isabel for over ten years at Straeon Acting Studios and I couldn't be more grateful. I started off as a violinist, eager to dip my foot into the world of acting, and today I am working on my third season as a main cast member on CTV/NBC's medical series Transplant, alongside having thirty other professional credits. Isabel's knowledge of stories and storytelling is unmatched and something I aspire to. Her eye for detail and her dedication to helping actors become extraordinary are what has helped many of her clients, including myself, book jobs — not just one-liners, but big important roles in TV series and movies. Not only that, she is a huge advocate for actors creating and working on their own project — to learn to write, produce, and direct — and this has helped me become a more well-rounded storyteller. As someone who has been a reader for many auditions (either as a self-tape or in room for casting), I have seen many of her clients come through. Without hesitation, I can easily say Isabel's influence as a coach is palpable — her clients are more comfortable, more confident, and more in the moment. They're able to take direction and give the character a big journey, leaving a great impression in the room.
Even though I've been studying with her for over a decade, she never fails to teach me something new every single week — about stories, about character, about myself. That is one of MANY reasons why I still study with her to this day. I am very excited for actors, both emerging and professional, to discover ISA, the Institute of Storytelling for Actors and to have access to incredible masterclasses helmed by Isabel and her genius. She WILL make you a much better actor and storyteller. I'll stake my entire career on this.


Known for Transplant, Slaxx, The Amityville Curse, Pretty Hard Cases and more

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