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Waiting List: The Actor Inside The Role

Spring Session

  • The MAI

Service Description

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey within with our transformative program, "Inside The Role: The Actor's Foundation to Extraordinary Storytelling." In this immersive experience, we're not just teaching acting techniques; we're guiding you to discover the wellspring of true creativity that lives within you. The path to becoming an extraordinary storyteller isn't found outside—it's a personal voyage of self-discovery. As you delve into your mind, body, and heart, you'll discover the secrets that have always been within you, waiting to be tapped into. This program is your compass to connect with the essence of characters and stories on a profound level, empowering you to create performances that inspire and resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impact. Your acting journey begins within, and we're here to lead you every step of the way.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

We do no offer reimbursement for classes taken but you may cancel your enrolment at any time in case you cannot commit to the 10 weeks of the workshop.

Contact Details

  • MAI, Jeanne-Mance Street, Montreal, QC, Canada

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